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all about me

Imagine if you could harness the power of food to make you feel good. That, no matter what health challenges you face, you were doing your best to support your body.

This is the basis of nutritional therapy. Using food and nutrition to nurture and mind yourself. My job is to make it easy and tasty for you.

My name is Helen Cassidy and I'm a qualified nutritional therapist. I'm convinced about the power of good food to make us feel great and I'm passionate about helping others discover what works for them.

Since graduating from the Irish Institute in Nutrition and Health in 2011, I have worked with numerous private clients and corporate customers, either on a one to one basis, or as a group, extolling and demonstrating how nutritious food can promote health. My approach is practical, accessible and clear. I currently operate a private practice in South Dublin and also lecture at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health. I am also a member of the Thyroid Nutrition Ireland team, a group specialising in supporting clients with thyroid conditions. My areas of particular interest include female hormonal support, thyroid health, digestive support and family nutrition.

I am a registered member of BANT and the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland, and follow a strict code of practice and confidentiality. You can read my privacy policy here.   

If you'd like to know more about nutritional therapy, please click here.

You can book a one to one consultation with me by ringing (086) 2036707, or contact me directly. For recipe ideas and top nutrition tips on staying healthy, follow me on facebook and instagram. 

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