healthy eating for healthy life

healthly eating for a healthy life

Fermentation is on the tip of everyone's tongue. We hear all about the benefits of eating fermented foods; healthy digestion, better mood, stronger immunity, and pay lots of money for small jars of goodness. Certainly, as a nutritional therapist, I regularly recommend probiotic foods to clients to support their gut health, hormones and immune systems.  

But the true secret of fermentation is that it's really simple to do at home. With a few techniques and a couple of new habits, you could be gaining all that benefit for very little money. Fancy learning how? If so, come along to one of my LIVE one hour online workshops where we'll make our ferments together. The next dates are as follows:

Beginners guide to KRAUT & KEFIR: Saturday 17th April @ 11am

Leave with your jars of goodness, a recipe booklet and instructions for further adventures in fermentation. You will also be able to access the recording for 2 weeks after the event. Click on the link above to find out more information.

You'll definitely learn something new and will get to try some new flavours, so book your spot today. Spaces are limited. 

If you'd like more information on fermentation, I have been posting recipes and videos on Facebook, both on my own page and on Thyroid Nutrition Ireland, if you would like to get started. Here are some links to start with:

Sauerkraut demo:

Carrot, green bean and cauliflower fermentation:

If you'd like to treat the one you love to a voucher for a Fermentation Workshop in the future, please click on the Webstore