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Coming along to a foodhugs event is a great way of learning about and tasting foods that can support you right now, in a social and vibrant setting. Whether it's trying to increase your energy through foods and exercise, supporting your digestive system, your bones or hormones, or simply to get some ideas on how to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your family diet, our events will have something to offer you. Have a look below to see what's on the schedule right now. Hope to see you soon!

Fermented foods are 'enlivened' in both taste and probiotic content. Whether it's kombucha or kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi, they all confer health benefits.

Come along to my workshop to discover how easy it is to make these foods yourself. Incorporating them into your daily diet will give you numerous benefits, and they taste great too!

Whether online or in person, we will make a ferment together and learn all about one other method so that you can do it at home. You will also receive a full recipe pack. 

Simply click HERE to see the full schedule.

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