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We all know to 'eat more fruit and vegetables' is a good idea, but sometimes, the 'how' can be tricky.

I have loads of ideas on how to increase the nutritional content of every meal, in a tasty and easy way. Here's a nice one for starters, more of an assembly job really, and one of my favourites. Suitable for breakfast, as a substantial snack or dessert!

For more ideas, keep an eye on the recipes section in my blog.

Berry Surprise

150g mixed berries

150g natural probiotic yoghurt

2 tbsp ground seeds (like Linwoods, or milled flaxseed)

2 tbsp low sugar granola (like Paddy O's or Lizi's Original) or make your own

1 tbsp raw almonds and pecans, chopped

Layer the berries, yoghurt and ground seeds in a fancy fashion, like the photo opposite. Top with the granola and nuts for a nice crunch. Seeing the colours through a glass makes this healthy snack seem like an indulgent treat. Go for full fat natural yoghurt for a creamier and more filling version. Glenisk is my favourite, for the moment.

Top tip

Frozen mixed berries can be cheaper than buying fresh. They are just as nutritious and can be purchased from any major supermarket. 

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