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Healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread....yum, yum

Here's a recipe I hadn't made in a long time.

Amidst all the shiny recipe books and scraps of paper, I find myself rediscovering old recipes that are now novel again. Hurray. There's a nice sense of renewal, rather than always looking for something new. 

This is a great one for a little treat. Plus as a way of incorporating some healthy fats from nuts and coconut oil and minerals from raw cacao into the diet.

This does have a little bit of sugar in it, which you can play around with, gradually adding less and less. Even as it is, though, it's a gazillion times better than what you buy in the supermarket....and delicious too. Needless to say, the kids have been polishing it off, given half a chance.

A little bit goes a very long way, on wholewheat toast with a little bit of banana or sliced apple.


1 jar hazelnut butter (Meridian = 170g, €4.95 at

30g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids, Lindt, or Tesco Finest 72% = no palm oil in either)

1 tbsp coconut oil (try Cocowell from Spar or Dunnes)

1.5 tbsp raw cacao (try or from

1.5 tbsp dark brown muscovado sugar, rapadura or maple syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt


Boil about an inch of water in a pot on the hob. When bubbling, place a glass bowl on top (try to have the base of the bowl hovering above the water) and turn the heat down low. Add the dark chocolate and coconut oil to melt them. When a bit liquidy, add the cacao, vanilla and salt. Mix well & take off the heat.

Put the hazelnut butter in a blender. Add the chocolate mixture and blitz. That's it. Store in a glass jar in the fridge. Yum.

(Adapted from a recipe on

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