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Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips: #2 Eat a Rainbow

Besides all the vitamins and minerals that we always hear about, there are over 4,000 different types of phytochemicals in plants in their natural state, all performing different functions.

Phytochemicals are pharmacologically active medicines and they make a huge difference to our wellbeing. 

Alot of them are antioxidants, so they can help manage inflammation. Some can also activate enzyme systems, influence hormones, play an antiviral/antibacterial role, stimulate the immune system, reduce blood pressure.........all little treasures that definitely deserve a place on our plate.

 ‘Eating a Rainbow’ every day, at least 1 portion from each colour, including at least 2 types of vegetables, means you’re getting a great range of phytochemicals on a daily basis. 

A food hug, if ever I saw one. This recipe of roasted cauliflower, butternut squash and blue cheese salad provides a nice mix of colours all on one easy way to get a mix in.

Have a look to see if you're eating a rainbow a day!



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