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Sarah Baryga

Personal Trainer and sub 3 hour marathon runner

Sarah has always been into fitness, but would have considered herself more of a gym bunny than a runner.

In July 2007, she decided to do her first 10km race in Ennis, Co Clare while she was visiting a friend who is a great runner. She was pregnant at the time but managed a time of 59.59.

In the years following, she still kept running, more for exercise rather then competitively. It was not until 2011 that she entered her second 10km race, the inaugural Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR) Bay 10km. Her time was 48.20. The running bug had bitten.

She completed her first half marathon on 22nd April 2014 in the Phoenix Park in a time of 1.42.30, the same year as her first marathon in October in Dublin in a time of 3.48.

Since then, she has excelled, picking up speed and technique. 2018 has been the year she has achieved significant personal bests across all distances:

- 5 km: 18.10: Pride run June 2018: 1st Lady

- 10 km: 38.20: DLR Bay 10k August 2018: 2nd Lady

- Half Marathon: 1.26.18: Clontarf Half November 2018: 2nd Lady, 1st in Age.

- Marathon: 2.58.10: Dublin Marathon October 2018: 4th in Age

- 2 National Medals and 2 Leinster Medals

She has run 3 sub 3 hour marathons (Dublin 2017 and 2018 and London 2018) and has run 3 international marathons ( Boston April 2016, London April 2018 and Berlin Sept 2018).

In Sept 2016, motivated by her love of exercise, she decided to become a Personal Trainer, graduating from a one year, full time course in UCD in June 2017 with a Distinction in Fetac Level 4 Personal Trainer. She is also qualified to teach numerous fitness classes and is a Pilates instructor. She currently teaches Pilates in Strive Studio in Ashgrove and coaches a number of personal clients. 

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