healthy eating for healthy life

healthly eating for a healthy life

Sparkling eyes, radiant skin, loads of energy and feeling great. This is what you can achieve with the right foods at the right time of your life. Choosing healthy foods can become easy and second nature and I can help you get there. 

can diet help you?

Do you suffer from PMS, PCOS, perimenopause symptoms or other hormonal issues? Would you like more energy? Do you have raised cholesterol or IBS? Would you like to see if diet can help your arthritis? Or would you simply like advice on how to improve your diet. A one on one consultation may be exactly what you need. Find out more.


From sauerkrauts to kombucha, from kefir to kimchi.  Just for the pure magic of it, but also for all the health benefits. Fermentation is easy, extremely good for your health and very satisfying to do. Come to one of my workshops and make your ferment with me step by step. Find out how easy it is to incorporate into your life and enjoy all the different flavours and benefit. 

recipes and blog

From raw chocolate brownies to green smoothies, and from all about healthy fats to low sugar alternatives, my recipes and blog section has it all. Find out all about which fermented foods might suit you best, or the top foods for hormonal health. Check it out and sign up for latest updates.