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#5: Sources of protein - helping to balance blood sugars

Ever feel hungry about an hour after eating? Or totally zonked out during the afternoon?

It may be that you need to have a look at balancing your blood sugar level - simply meaning that you eat a certain combination of foods at each meal to deliver an even flow of energy throughout the day, rather than sugar spikes and sugar crashes that we can sometimes experience as a result of eating sugary cereals, pastries and white breads in isolation.....or sometimes along with coffee!

Interestingly, while you mightn't notice these symptoms yourself, you might notice this about your child.....always hungry very soon after meals, or mood swings during the day.

Along with fibre and healthy fats, it's a good idea to have some sort of protein with every meal or deliver that even flow of energy and to help balance your blood sugar (and mood) during the day.

The good news is that this is easily done. Here are some examples of mixing protein and fibre during the day.


McCambridges brown bread with peanut butter and banana

Scrambled eggs with mushroom and tomato (with a green smoothie)

Hi 8 muesli from Flahavan's, with added chopped mixed nuts and ground seeds (Linwoods from Dunnes, Tesco and Spar, or Crownfield from Lidl)

Mix quinoa flakes (any health store) and porridge oats together and use to make a higher protein porridge. Serve with Glenisk natural yogurt and mixed berries (and even some toasted almond flakes - yum).

Make some Nut & Seed granola and serve with chopped fruit and natural yogurt.


Soup with added beans/lentils (blitz either into Avonmore soup), with McCambridges bread, home-made hummus and rocket leaves

Frittata with mixed leftover vegetables and a crunchy side salad (tomato, leaves, chopped nuts and cucumber). Try this with a lovely green zingy dressing. 

Nigella's Asian Chowder with rustic sourdough bread and guacamole. Seriously tasty and a super way to incorporate fish into your diet (can be blitzed to a smooth soup for 'bit-phobic' consumers!)

Lovely big mixed salad with leftover roast chicken (from the night before), or roast salmon (20 mins in the oven, 180C), topped with some toasted pumpkin seeds. 


Roast salmon and vegetables (onion, red pepper, potatoes and carrot), served with toasted wholewheat pitta breads and Glenisk Natural yogurt mixed with sweet chili sauce.

Add chickpeas to Jamie Oliver's Thai Green Vegetable Curry and serve with brown rice. Dial the chilli up or down as you see fit. If stuck for time, use a shop bought Thai Green Paste. 


Carrot sticks with home-made nutella

Natural yogurt with mixed seeds and berries

Oatcakes with almond nut butter (health food stores and some Spars) and banana

By starting off the day with a well combined breakfast, you'll feel much better by mid morning and will be less likely to reach for that Danish...........the pastry, that is.....


Otherwise you may end up with blood sugar highs....and lows, throughout the day, going from full of zing, to wipe out 30 minutes later. A bit like a rollercoaster.


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