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Healthy breakfast ideas for children...and adults...

It's the meal that starts your child off on it's daily adventures, so the most important thing is that provides a solid platform for their day.

Not a big sugar high that will lead to a mid morning slump (let's not mention those cereals), but something that will deliver a nice constant stream of energy, plenty of fuel for young brains and one of their five a day, just for an overall health boost!

The formula I use is:

Wholegrain carbohydrate + good fats/protein + fruit/vegetable = a boy bouncing out to school!

Some ideas along this formula are:


Porridge + 2 tbsp of Linwoods ground seeds (or 'sprinkles') + natural yogurt + berries

Flahavan's Hi 8 muesli + 2 tbsp chia seeds + chopped banana

McCambridges toasted brown bread + scrambled egg + green smoothie

Low sugar granola (e.g. Paddy O's) + natural yogurt + chopped nuts + berries

Wholemeal toast + mashed avocado with lemon + berry smoothie

Wholemeal toast + low sugar/low salt baked beans + green smoothie

Oatcakes + peanut butter + slices of apple + green smoothie

Grain free granola + natural yogurt + orange/apple fruit salad

Oatcakes + with cream cheese + boiled egg + cherry tomatoes

Weetabix + flaked almonds + sliced banana


I'd love to hear any other options to have along these lines. Email them to me, or leave a comment below and I'll add them to the list. Log onto Facebook for other ideas and hits and tips. 

Photo from: photo credit: Denna Jones via photopin cc

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